We invite you to envision the weeks before you leave as a time to slowly and deliberately prepare for this retreat.

These practices are designed to help align ourselves more purposefully with the world and to cultivate an openness to seeing meaning and connection.  They are grouped sequentially. The first four–Awaken Awareness–focus on attuning your senses to your external and internal landscapes so that you are practiced at being alert and attentive along your path.  The second set–Expand Connection–shifts our focus to Guatemala and offers opportunities to engage with the destination. The third series of practices–Go. Deliberately–are an invitation to bring  spaciousness into the weeks before our departure when time often feels compressed and frenetic.  There are several practices for the last week, when things might feel even more full and the reality of entering the unknown becomes especially acute. It is in these moments that we need to Mark the Departure by taking especially good care of ourselves and remembering the purpose of our journey.

Engage with these practices in whatever ways best support your journey. They are not intended to be “yet another thing” you have to do in order to get ready to go. Rather each is offered as a mini-journey of discovery.  So have fun. Play with them. Incorporate them into whatever practices you already do. Use them as a reminder to pause and notice the beauty around you and delight in what is yet to come.