“I honestly will never forget this trip and am so honored to have had this experience. This truly inspires me to do so much more in my life.”

“This was a COMPLETELY life-changing experience.”

“Thank you for guiding me during one of the most amazing weeks of my life.  Your calm demeanor and steady heart made this magical trip possible.”

“This trip changed me in many ways and I will be forever grateful.”

“Whoohoo!  Truly amazing!”

“Each experience was so deep and thoughtful.”

“I loved that we had the opportunity to volunteer [and] I also really enjoyed the adventure part of the trip. Just being engulfed in a totally new and different culture, swimming, hiking, doing yoga, food, all the animals, taking tuk tuk’s, going to different towns…I loved the whole trip!”

“[My child] sometimes has a reluctance to try something new, but on this trip she jumped right in…she added to her sense of self and inner strength.”

“It was a wonderful balance. I felt that we got a lot accomplished in a week, had a lot of fun, and still had time to recharge.”

“My heart is full.  Thank you!”