2019 Service Trip Updates


Our first service day! We worked incredibly hard on four different projects. Kim saw patients in both the San Juan and San Pablo clinic. Ten of us knocked down a mud house and began digging a foundation for Andrea and Filipe’s new home. Five people went to the smaller worksite to mix concrete and lay floors for another family. Kai and Hunter worked with ODIM’s Healthy Mommy and Me program in the morning and then came to both worksites in the afternoon.


Our day began with an early morning swim and then we headed out by boat to Santa Cruz. We hopped into tuk-tuks and zipped up to the village where we met with staff from CECAP. Some of us took a beading workshop, others learned how to weave and the rest of the group prepared an amazing Guatemalan lunch. We played some pick up soccer in the town square after lunch and then took a boat across the lake to San Juan La Laguna–our home for the rest of the week.

We walked to Patrone’s house for dinner and then had a basketball and soccer game on the town court. On our way back to the hostel, we stumbled upon live music outside of a church and the students joined the local teens dancing in the square.


It was a LONG 24 hours of travel–four countries, two flights, a three and a half hour bus ride, a boat ride, and then a climb of 353 stairs to reach our hotel. Our rooms were tucked into the hillside and had stunning views across the lake.

Before dinner, we hiked back down for a sunset swim.